DVD courses by Dr. Gordon Neufeld      Facilitated by April Quan

Each weekly session contains one hour of Dr. Neufeld's video presentation, followed by facilitated discussion.  Courses are different lengths, shown below.

Please contact me if you are interested in a particular course that is not currently scheduled.  

Scheduled courses are on the left side of the home page.

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The Vital Connection - Part I of Power to Parent

Helping Children Grow Up - Part II of Power to Parent

Common Challenges - Part III of Power to Parent

Each part of the Power to Parent course is eight weeks. 

Heart Matters: the Science of Emotion - five weeks

Making Sense of Preschoolers -  six weeks

Making Sense of Anxiety - four weeks 

Making Sense of Discipline - three weeks

"My attachment with my boys has become deeper and I find my children have 'relaxed' into our relationship in a wonderful way. I have found all three Power to Parent courses helpful, and April's insightful and entertaining guidance has made our time together on Monday mornings the highlight of my week."
Su Laine Varkey    

"The course [Helping Children Grow Up] exceeded my expectations.  April's relaxed, calm approach complimented the videos by providing consistency.  April guides group discussions, keeps them relevant and ensures that sessions stay on track.  One of the most useful courses I have ever attended."   
Ian Blundell

"Dr. Gordon Neufeld's lessons are rich, thoughtful and meaningful. As a result of his teachings, my parenting approach and perspective has greatly improved and softened. None of this would have been possible without April Quan.   April interpreted the information and made it applicable to my own family situation. She is a wealth of information and a natural source of inspiration.
Hilary Bain


Registration and Payment

I actually think the material is priceless, but a market value of $200 for an 8-week parenting course seems reasonable to me.  It is also important to me that as many people as possible can take the courses.  Please ask about the sliding scale.  

To hold your place in the course please Register with your payment or email me to make a special arrangement. Etransfers are welcome. 

When you sign up, I encourage you to make an inner commitment to attending each week.  I know absences can be unavoidable, especially when children are involved, but each week's material builds on the previous one, and continuity and momentum are the keys to integrating the material into your life. 

When you sign up, please don't tell your child you are taking a parenting course if you can possibly manage it.  School meetings, helping a friend, a work-related course - see what you can think of.  Saying "I'm going to learn how to be a better parent" is not recommended!  You'll know why once you have done the course.

The personal interaction of a course provides the opportunity for questions and sharing, and the weekly format provides time to absorb the material. 

"April is a wise and respectful facilitator of Dr. Neufeld's work.  Her courses are designed with time for discussion before and after watching the lecture, giving April an opportunity to guide you with her thoughtful interpretation of the material. There is a lovely continuity throughout the course as the participants gain familiarity with each other and the very interesting material. April's work truly brings a qualitative change to the front lines of parenting." 
K Nelson

"April Quan is an excellent moderator of an excellent course, The Vital Connection. April creates an environment where participants feel open to discuss their parenting issues without judgement. April's experience shines through in the sage advice she gives after carefully listening to parents' issues.  
April's method of teaching the classes live is the only way I would recommend studying The Vital Connection. The topics presented are deep and require your full attention to understand and apply. The face to face discussion would be difficult to replicate online."
Norman Di Pasquale

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